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Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - Shonali Bose, Director & Writer

Listen to Shonali Bose, director of critically acclaimed films such as The Sky Is Pink and Margarita With A Straw, as she talks about #WhitefieldArtCollective2020 and the inspirational power of Public Art.

Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - Padmaja Nagarur, Co-founder & CEO, Artflute

"Art is the only way that the topic of sustainability can move from apathy to awareness and hopefully, to action."

Padmaja Nagarur, Co-founder and CEO, @Artflute, has always stressed on the need to make #art part of everyday conversations, and is thrilled that #WhitefieldArtCollective2020 does that with a flourish. Listen to Padmaja talk about what #Artflute brings to #WAC2020 through experiences designed for the public to engage in.

Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - Rahul and Nithin | Bangalore Creative Circus

The Humpback Mahseer and Indian Peacock are two stunning installations at #WAC2020, both crafted using found objects and scrap metal. Here’s Nithin Sadhu and Rahul K.P., the two artists from Bangalore Creative Circus who created these magnificent pieces, speaking about their thought behind it and their experience at Whitefield Art Collective 2020.

Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - VR Art Car | Aravani Art Project

Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Bestselling author and columnist Sreemoyee Piu Kundu was at VR Bengaluru to launch Whitefield Art Collective 2020. Here's Sreemoyee talking about her excitement in seeing works by young artists and the importance of this year's theme - sustainability.

Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - Bose Krishnamachari

Celebrated contemporary artist Bose Krishnamachari, President, Kochi Biennale Foundation, was at VR Bengaluru to launch Whitefield Art Collective 2020. Here’s Bose talking about his excitement in seeing works by young artists and the importance of this year’s theme - sustainability.

Whitefield Literary Society - Salon with Shree - February 8, 2020

Salon With Shree was back at the Whitefield Literary Society and Season 2 is kicked off with a power packed discussion with the topic Women In Art. Author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu engaged in a conversation with these esteemed panellists on February 8 at VR Bengaluru.

1. Shonali Bose: Writer, Director, Producer
2. Seema Kohli: Celebrated Contemporary Artist
​3. Sumi Gupta: Curator, Public Art Programs

Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - Artist Ganapathy Ponappa

#ManninaMakkalu aims to inspire people towards a sustainable future by reminding them of their own roots. Here’s the artist Ganapathy Ponnappa, talking about what makes this earthy installation unique, and his thoughts behind creating it.

Whitefield Art Collective 2020 - Behind the scenes

WAC 2020 is proud to present a one-of-its-kind installation that champions this year's theme of sustainability.

JD Institute and Swiss Artist and Fashion Designer, Mariel Manuel, have joined hands to create Nimius Plastico, which aims to provide a pathway towards the maximum utilisation of available resources. Here's a behind the scenes look at the thought behind the project.

Witness the installation in its full glory at #WhitefieldArtCollective2020, from Feb 7 - Mar 7, at VR Bengaluru.

#WAC #WhitefieldArtCollective #PublicArt #ArtFestival #Reuse #ZeroWaste #Sustainable #ConnectingCommunities #ConnectingCommunitiesThroughArt #Whitefield #Bengaluru

Mad Mad Sale 15 second shopping spree - Jan 16th

Mad Mad Sale got even madder when Blogger Diksha Sharma was given an opportunity to shop at Project Eve store, Ground Floor, VR Bengaluru. She was given 15 secs to pick up as many apparels as she can and the total bill was on us. Activity partner: Project Eve 

Salon with Shree at The Whitefield Literary Society Dec 20 - Sixth Edition

In the season finale of Salon with Shree, author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu hosted a great set of panellists for a power-packed discussion celebrating stories of hope.
About the Panellists:
Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal: Actor & Director
Shruti Hariharan: Actor & Producer
Apsara Reddy: Columnist & General Secretary (Mahila Congress)
​Chinu Kala: Entrepreneur
The event also had prominent past panellists like Kathryn Kylee, Charles Ma, Anju Maudgal Kadam and Vandana Suri.

Salon with Shree at The Whitefield Literary Society Nov 23 - Fifth Edition

Continuing to shed light on prevalent issues in our society, the fifth edition of SalonwithShree at the WhitefieldLiterarySociety saw Sreemoyee Piu Kundu sit down with a panel of esteemed male community members and exchange their views and experiences on "Re-imagining Masculinity in an Age of Feminism". Held as part of International Men’s Week, this edition’s panellists included Chetan Ahimsa, Actor & Political Activist; Sanjay Rajoura, Stand-up Artist & Actor; Aditya Tiwari, Social Activist; Subodh Sankar, Entrepreneur & Co-founder - Atta Galatta and Charles Ma, Bharatanatyam Artiste, Teacher & Choreographer.

Winter Candyland and Whitefield Christmas celebrations - Nov 7, 2019

Celebrations at #WhitefieldChristmas continued in high-spirits at #VRBengaluru with a whole day of joy-filled festivities for the whole family to enjoy on December 7, 2019.
In association with #MuseCreation, talented artists from the city’s Japanese community shared their expertise on unique art forms, following which was a delightful musical performance by expats of the community.
In the evening, Winter Candyland treated patrons to a world of fun through exciting activities and workshops including crochet, candy-making, Christmas tree decorations and more, along with exciting games and carol singing.

Salon with Shree at the Whitefield Literary Society - Fourth Edition - Oct 19th 2019

In the fourth edition of Salon with Shree, author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu celebrated the Reincarnation of The Mother Goddess in Daily Life, in conversation with powerful members of the women community who have made an indelible mark on society. The panellists included Madhumitha Venkataraman, Diversity & Inclusion Evangelist; Dr. Anita Ratnam, Performer & Arts Entrepreneur; D. Roopa Moudgil, Inspector General of Police and Madhu Natraj, Danseuse, Choreographer & Arts Entrepreneur.

Whitefield Dasara - Celebration of Victory - October 5th - 8th

VR Bengaluru celebrated Dasara with a 4-day festival filled with live performances of traditional art forms of Karnataka, great food and festive shopping!
The festivities had folk performances like Dollu Kunitha - a popular drum dance with singing, Disco Dandiya, Kolata - performed with coloured sticks, Raas Dandiya and Veeragase - a traditional high energetic dance performance. It was wonderful to see everyone join in the festivities along with their loved ones and participate in the live performances.

Whitefield Art Collective 2019

The fourth edition of Whitefield Art Collective will host a wonderful collection of art installations, created by some of the most prominent and promising artists from across India with key themes such as globalization, urbanization and Connecting Communities.
The unique art festival will bring together art lovers and connoisseurs from the city and beyond with the aim to engage local communities and provide a platform to showcase contemporary art in new formats and out of a gallery space.

VR Kids' Kanvas, 27th & 28th Oct' 18

The weekend Workshop for kids continued with Kids Kanvas a platform providing kids with the opportunity to discover their inner artist.

Mission Possible Activation on 2nd and 3rd Aug 2018

Mission Impossible Activation : As ' Mission Impossible - Fallout' hit theaters, team VR Bengaluru gave fans their own missions: to win free tickets. Through our Mission Possible Contest, we presented patrons with the specific list of items they had to acquire from our stores. The catch? It needed to be done in under two minutes, Hundred registered many participated and ultimately, two emerged victorious

World On A Plate at VR Bengaluru, 8-10 Jun '18

World on a Plate Season 3 is back at VR Bengaluru this time with Gastronomical Geniuses George Calombaris, Ranveer Brar, Sarah Todd Masterchef and many more. So, come be a part of our second anniversary celebrations

Whitefield Art Collective (WAC) 2018 - VR Bengaluru

Conceptualised to connect communities in a celebration of art, culture and heritage, Whitefield Art Collective has always been the focal point of Bengaluru's art scene. Today it is a vibrant platform for emerging artists to display their creative prowess.

Whitefield Art Collective 2018

Whitefield Art Collective 2018 is on for another 2 weeks at VR Bengaluru. The Centre has been brimming with enthusiasm and art lovers who have been coming in to take a gander at the installations and thought provoking works of art. Hit play to see the highlights!

VR Bengaluru VR Model Hunt Final, 30th Aug'17

THE PRASAD BIDAPA MODEL HUNT 2017 is all set to Flip the #StyleSwitch
The models are to take centerstage tomorrow at the stunning The Black Box on Whitefield Road

World on A Plate at VR Bengaluru 2nd & 3rd Jun'17

A food festival in association with world-renowned master chefs - Gary Mehigan, Adriano Zumbo, Janice Wong, Ellena Duggan and Ranveer Brar, packed with great food, master classes and more.
Come be part of this delightful event and watch them as they cast a delicious spell on the people of Bengaluru.

VROne - The Longest Birthday Party, 20th May - 3rd June 2017

VR Bengaluru celebrated its one year anniversary!
Our impressive line up of events ensured that our grand anniversary celebration was memorable for the entire city.
From shopping deals to music concerts to movie nights to exclusive parties and much more we had it all!

St Patrick's Day Carnival at The Irish House at VR Bengaluru, 26th Mar'17

St Patricks Day carnival with Irish house It was our first St. Patrick's Day Carnival in Bengaluru, and it was nothing short of legendary! A day filled with games, food, music and so much green beer that we can barely remember it. Here's a throwback to relive the memories, feel the vibe and be #Irish4ADay #IrishHouse ARUNAJA Dualist Inquiry Jim Beam India Kingfisher VR Bengaluru Indigo 919 Bangalore Agnii Art for All John Daniel - Singer/ Songwriter VOSD Dog Sanctuary

Whitefield Art Collective at VR Bengaluru, 24th Feb to 24th Mar'17

Whitefield Art Collective (WAC) is a platform that brings together some of the country's t renowned artists and art institutions including Chitrakala Parishad, Santiniketan, Cholamandal Art Village, MSU Baroda & Kala Ghoda for showcasing their work. This month-long event also sees many activities like the art competition for children, pop-up art bazaar, screening of National award winning movie 'Gali Beeja', the Basement Art Project in association with Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and many more.

Opening act of Whitefield Art Collective 2017 #connectingcommunities

Whitefield Art Collective by VRBengaluru is back in 2017 with new art collections, insights, and experiences, to stimulate your senses. This year's theme is 'Connecting Communities', featuring fine art, installations, a competition, an art bazaar, an art movie screening, a VR auto project, TED talk, and more.
Get your groove on at the opening of VR Bengaluru's Whitefield Art Collective with the heart-stoppingly passionate beats of Groove Tantriks. Their percussion-driven music is a happy amalgam of world instruments, with each member contributing towards a radically new sound. These gifted artistes will set the stage, and how! #GrooveTantriks #WAC2017

Whitefield Art Collective 2017 - VRBengaluru

Whitefield Art Collective by VRBangalore is back in 2017 with new art collections, insights, and experiences, to stimulate your senses. This year's theme is 'Connecting Communities', featuring fine art, installations, a competition, an art bazaar, an art movie screening, a VR auto project, TED talk, and more.
Our featured artists are some of the most distinguished achievers in their field. They come from across India, in keeping with our theme of 'Connecting Communities'. This is also why we have included a student's art competition as a part of our activities this year. After all, art should be accessible to all.
Whitefield Art Collective is live from 24th February to 24th March 2017.

OPEN Launch Party

Headlined by Victor Barretto, D.Syd, DJ Vanshi and DJ Blake, the OPEN Launch Party held at Skydeck at VR Bengaluru on April 1, 2017 was a huge success. Hit play to see the highlights!

Live At The Black Box : St. Patrick's Day Carnival by the Irish House

VR Bengaluru hosted the Irish House's first St. Patrick's Day Carnival and it was nothing short of legendary! A day filled with games, food, music and gallons of green beer! #Irish4ADay #IrishHouse

Live At The Black Box : Best Kept Secret

The story of what happens between backstage scenes, rehearsals and the final show, on rainy Bengaluru Day. This is Best Kept Secret live at The Black Box!

H&M - Bring it on @ VRBengaluru

Don't let fashion go to waste. Bring garments you no longer want, from any brand and in any condition, to the H&M store here at #VRBengaluru . They will get a new life. Let's together #CloseTheLoop #HMIndia.
H&M Official Channel:
All Copyrights belong to H&M


The Whitefield Art Collective at VR: Bringing art to Bangalore; Bringing Bangalore's diversity, together. #Together. #ConnectingCommunities.

CNBC Weekender with Siddharth Yog

Get an insight into the mind of Siddharth Yog, the founder of The Xander Group and Virtuous Retail in this segment of CNBC Weekender.

Tamish Pulappadi with Thermal and a Quarter at Garden City, VR Bengaluru

Major throwback to the time when #TamishPulappadi, the 12-year-old musical prodigy outperformed this Pink Floyd solo with Thermal and a Quarter at Garden City, ‪#VRBengaluru. Have talent? ‪#VRBlackBox has the platform! Come shine, as we flaunt your genius while Bengaluru watches.

Once In A Blue Moon, VR Bengaluru- A Night That Was!

#OnceInABlueMoon, the stars come out to play. Well, it was a starry night indeed at #VRBlackBox on #WhitefieldRoad. Come reminisce the magical moments with us!

Thalavattam performs live at VR Green, World Environment Weekend

If one can make music out of waste, there isn't anything that you can't do to make this world greener and sustainable. Thalavattam Band joined us at the World Environment Weekend at VR Bengaluru and performed sheer magic by creating music using only upcyclable materials.

VR Bengaluru- The Making!

VRBengaluru is an amalgamation of all things Bengaluru! Want to know how? Come let us take you through everything that went into the making of ‪#VRBlackBox on Whitefield Road!

OPEN- Sky Deck, VR Bengaluru

OPEN. Black Box on Whitefield Road. #VRBlackBox #VRBengaluru

Once In A Blue Moon- The Beginning!

Check out the ethereal view of #VRBlackBox on the Whitefield Road!

Raghav Sachar - Black Or White Cover (VR Bengaluru)

Check out Raghav Sachar spinning some Black or White Magic, MJ Style! He has used multiple instruments to recreate this legendary track by Michael Jackson, showcasing attractions from ‪#VRBlackBox. P.S. Don't miss the playful cameo by Sid Yog, Founder & Chairman of Virtuous Retail.

OPEN. Black Box on Whitefield Road. #VRBlackBox #VRBengaluru

Don't miss the #BlackBox on Whitefield Road. #VRBlackBox #VRBengaluru #VRBlackOnWhite #BBWR

The best mix in town ‪#VRBlackBox ‪#VRBengaluru

#SkyDeck ‪#VRBlackonWhite ‪#BlackBoxonWhitefieldRoad

Excitement's in the air!

#VRBengaluru #VRBlackBox #GardenCity

Black Box on Whitefield Road

Lights, Camera, Action! #VRBlackBox #PVRGoldClass #IMAX #VRBengaluru

Fashion comes alive! #VRBengaluru

Have you discovered the ‪#BlackBox on Whitefield Road yet? ‪#VRBlackonWhite ‪#BBWR

Simply irresistible!

Don't miss the #BlackBox on Whitefield Road. #VRBlackBox #VRBengaluru #VRBlackOnWhite #BBWR

H & M Launch Part 2

What a party it was! ‪#HMatVR ‪#HMLovesBLR ‪#NowOpen ‪#VRBlackBox

24 hours at VR Bengaluru. #HMatVR

24 hours at VR! #VRBlackBox #VRBengaluru #ConnectingCommunities #HMatVR

Easter's blooming at ‪#VRBlackBox

DISCOVERED - Black Box On Whitefield Road

‪‪#Whitefield has yet another feather in it's cap.
Have you discovered the ‪#BlackBox on Whitefield Road yet? ‪#VRBlackonWhite ‪#BBWR

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