The Tribe Fitness

Helping you get addicted to fitness, health and happiness.
The Tribe isn't just a gym. It's a culture of healthy living where our dedicated trainers build a community that is motivated, energized and grows stronger and healthier every day. Keeping you happy is what makes us happy.

Our vision is to create a lifestyle that engages Tribe members with diverse fitness programs that help them explore their bodies in new ways. Every single day, our goal is to make sure you redefine your boundaries and push further and harder. Staying healthy the right way isn't just about a man and his machine. To us, there's more to fitness than repetitions.
Expert trainers with world-class experience.
The best practices and cutting edge equipment.
Programs designed for everyone - from beginners to athletes.
Commitment to each person and their unique needs.
A deep sense of culture and community.

Store Hours

10:00am - 10:00pm

Location in Center

Second Floor

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