Ellementry is shaped with culture, rooted in wisdom and adapted to modern sensibilities. It doesn&rsquot stop at products, it inspires lifestyles with beautiful useful range of handmade Kitchenware, tableware, Entertain, Décor, Furniture and Lighting. The basic fundamentals of good living and design are as elementary as the unison of form and function - beauty and utility.  At Ellementry, we see the beauty in doing things and not just things that are beautiful. Each of our products masters the art of handmade imperfection. Machines are not our artists. Artists are.  Every creation is an expression of love for the environment. From various materials like terracotta, glass, papier mache, ceramic, wood, metal, marble we guarantee the safety of your food through international food safety standards.  Our products have stories to talk about culture, sustainability, fusion of materials and most of all, form and function. We are currently located in Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and on our way to make your everyday beautiful in Goa.

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